Casola's Pizzeria and Sub Shop



Coral WayBrickell

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Come to Casola’s while sober, alert, and/or perfectly healthy, and you’re going to wonder why this place has been in business so long. However, when your stomach is ronkly, your mouth is sore, and chewy artisanal crusts feel like nails going down your throat, Casola’s is perfect. That’s probably why it’s so popular with the late-night crowd. The crust is soft and doughy, the very subtle, non-acidic sauce is painted on in a thin layer, and the mild cheese just makes you feel good on a quasi-spiritual level. The other items on the menu are just as soothing, like Casola’s take on a chicken parm sub, which is more of a chicken philly with that same mild tomato sauce and feels as gentle as eating a bowl of Kraft mac n’ cheese. The ravioli tastes as if someone who really loves you cooked you homemade Chef Boyardee and smothered it in melted mozzarella. If you’re tired of those fancy $35 plates of Italian food, this is the antidote.

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