Carmela’s is one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Hollywood, and a great place for people who think a bowl of pasta over $20 should make your eyes roll back (and not leave you starving afterwards). The food here is great, and served in generous portions. The fresh, light-as-a-feather pastas include tagliatelle sauced with a creamy truffle sauce, and pappardelle in a hearty duck ragù. The interior has polished concrete floors, a chandelier, and a huge melted candle display that makes the dining room feel like The Phantom of the Opera’s lair—but without the cheesy soundtrack. It’s still Hollywood, after all, so expect a refreshingly unpretentious atmosphere. Nobody’s going to stop you at the door because you’re not wearing the right outfit.

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Ceviche, burgers, and adorable penguin-shaped cakes.

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