Bravo Peruvian Kitchen

Bravo Peruvian Kitchen was one of South Florida’s only places to get Peruvian sandwiches when it got its start in a narrow space in a strip mall next to a gay country western bar. They’re now about four times bigger than back then and are more famous for their non-handheld Peruvian food than their sandwiches. Although you can still get a butifarra, the sandwiches are now more of a Peruvian-American thing on a crusty sub roll with more pork than you’d ever find on a sánguche in Lima. They do a proper classic ceviche (pay the extra few bucks to get it with corvina) and one of the better lomo saltados in this part of Broward. However, we really love their desayuno lurín, a big Peruvian breakfast that’s available all day and includes a platter of crispy confit pork, fried sweet potatoes, a red tamal, sarsa criolla, and a large roll so you can make your own pan con chicharrón. Make sure to ask for the cremitas to slather on your sandwich, or anything really.

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