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Awash Ethiopian Restaurant  review image

MIA Review

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

Awash Ethiopian is an excellent Ethiopian restaurant in Miami Gardens where you can scoop up fantastic things with injera.

LC’s Roti Shop review image

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LC’s Roti Shop

LC's is a Trinidadian roti shop in Miami Gardens where you can get your roti filled with just about anything.

Papa Pizza Cubana review image

MIA Review

Papa Pizza Cubana

Papa Pizza is a small Cuban pizza shop in Miami Gardens.

Taste Rite Bakery review image

MIA Review

Taste Rite Bakery

Taste Rite is a Jamaican bakery in Miami Gardens that makes super flaky beef patties. They have four other South Florida locations too.

The Patty Place review image

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The Patty Place

The Patty Place is an old-school Jamaican spot in Miami Gardens with freshly baked patties.

Hammond’s Bakery review image

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Hammond’s Bakery

Hammond’s Bakery in Miami Gardens makes some of the best Jamaican patties in the city.