10 Happy Hours To Try This Week

Because you worked hard today. And, even if you didn’t, you still deserve a drink.

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photo credit: Emily Schindler

Maybe you were productive at work today. Maybe you didn’t even work today. But whether you crossed every task off your to-do list or read the entire internet while you were supposed to be making a spreadsheet, you deserve an affordable drink from roughly between the hours of 5pm to 8pm. Here are some spots where you can do just that this week.

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The Spots

Sweet Liberty Drink & Supply Co. imageoverride image

Sweet Liberty Drink & Supply Co.

The Deal: $9 cocktails, $7 wine, $5 beer, and 95 cent oysters from 4-8pm daily.

There is really never a bad time to come to Sweet Liberty in South Beach, but every day from 4-8pm is certainly a good choice. Because between those hours, you sit at the bar, order 95 cent oysters, and have a $7 glass of rose or a $9 pisco sour. Feel free to stick around after 8pm too, because this place is everything we love about South Beach: sexy and colorful and not afraid of a hot pink neon sign, without any of the nasty overpriced stuff you’ll eat and drink on Ocean Drive. Also, their caviar onion dip and potato chips is our favorite bar snack in town.

The Deal: $7-8 cocktails, $7 sangria and wine, $5 beer, and $4-8 snacks from 4-6pm Monday through Thursday.

Lido is an outdoor restaurant located inside The Standard in Miami Beach - not a place known for its affordability. However, if you come at the right time, you can enjoy the outstanding waterfront view without making your credit card sweat. That view is most certainly the best part about this place, and it’ll look even prettier after a glass or two of sangria.

The Deal: $5-7 cocktails, $5 beer, $6 wine, and $5 quesadillas and bean dip from 5-8pm Wednesday through Sunday.

The Sylvester just reopened, and if you missed the great midtown bar as much as us, then go check out their “Rush Hour” Happy Hour. Cocktails go up in price one dollar every hour - and start at $5 at 5pm. But even if you’re running a little late, beer and quesadillas stay $5 for the whole Happy Hour.

The Deal: $7-8 cocktails and $4-5 beer and wine 4-7pm Monday through Friday.

Downtown’s Lost Boy used to be a denim store, but now it’s a casual pub that serves very good cocktails (get the gin and tonic), beer, and wine in a space great for small groups who actually want to have a conversation. There’s lots of bar seating, a dart board in the back corner, and a piano that’s been repurposed as a table. Don’t try to play it, please - no matter how many excellent gin and tonics you’ve had.

Phuc Yea imageoverride image

Phuc Yea



open table

The Deal: $1 oysters, $8 cocktails, $5 beer from 5-7pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday; 6-7:30pm Friday and Saturday.

This great MiMo Vietnamese/Cajun spot has a good Happy Hour for those looking to drink and eat a dozen oysters. East coast oysters are only a dollar each, and Phuc Yea’s cocktails are very good too. If and when you get hungry for some bigger plates, get the P.Y. noodles and the edamame hummus.

The Deal: $7 cocktails, $6-8 wines, $4-5 beers, and $2 snacks from 3-8pm daily.

5pm Mama Tried is a lot different than 5am Mama Tried, and Happy Hour is a much more laidback time at this great little Downtown bar. It’s a solid pick for a post-work beer with a coworker or meeting up with a friend or two. It’s also a very long Happy Hour, stretching from 3pm to 8pm, just in case that friend you’re meeting is always late.

The Deal: $8 cocktails, $5 wine, $4 beer from 5-8pm daily.

Minibar is located inside South of Fifth’s Urbanica Hotel. It’s technically a hotel bar, but locals drink here too. Like the name implies, it’s a very tiny place, though they also have some courtyard seating that makes things a tad more spacious. Despite the square footage, it’s one of the South of Fifth’s better drinking options - especially if you’re looking for something more casual.

The Deal: $6 cocktails, $5 wine and beer from 4-7pm Tuesday through Sunday.

The Doral Yard is a big, mostly outdoor space in (you guessed it) Doral. And it’s a solid spot to wait out Doral’s omnipresent traffic while drinking some reasonably priced cocktails and ordering food from one of the vendors here, which include things like dumplings, poke, churros, and vegan bowls.

The Deal: $8 cocktails, $6 wine, $5 beer, and $4 snacks from 4-7pm daily.

Baby Jane is a nice in-between bar in Brickell. It’s not so casual that you have to worry about a date judging you for bringing them here, but it’s also not so fancy that you have to worry about your accountant judging you for coming here. Also, the Happy Hour food - like edamame, karaage chicken, and tuna poke tacos - is great for bar snacking.

The Deal: $9 cocktails $8 boiler makers, $7 beer, and $7 frozen cocktails from 5-8pm daily.

The historic Coconut Grove bar has some comfortable outdoor seating for nice days, and inside you can sip on something tasty surrounded by walls that feel and look like they’ve been here since 1920 (which they have). Taurus’ bar food game is also incredibly strong since they share a kitchen with their fantastic neighbors Ariete.

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