The Miami Bachelorette Party Guide

Where to eat, drink, and have a successful bachelorette party in Miami.

A bachelorette party in Miami is like a controlled demolition. It can go one of two ways: very right or very wrong. This guide is designed to help you make yours very right. It’s full of various group dinner options, clubs that don’t suck, bars where you can dance, brunch spots that’ll make you forget about all the vodka shots Susan pressured you to take last night, and much more. One final reminder before you dive in: Almost every restaurant on this guide accepts reservations. Make one. Walking into a popular Miami restaurant with a big group is always a gamble, and we don’t want you to leave anything in the hands of the Miami Chaos Gods.

Where To Have Dinner If You Care About The Food

If you want to fall in love with noodles instead of pop bottles, pick one of these places.


South Beach

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Macchialina is one of the best Italian restaurants in Miami, our favorite South Beach restaurant, and—thanks to the new outdoor seating situation—now makes sense for big groups too. The food is the main reason to come here. The menu has about six phenomenal pasta options, and each one feels like a final draft, edited to perfection without so much as one superfluous fragment of parmesan on the plate (dessert is a must-order too). But Macchialina is also energetic enough for a fun dinner, especially since the cocktails are outstanding. And the outdoor seating is mostly covered, so you don't have to stress too much about random rain spoiling dinner.

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Zitz Sum is an outstanding restaurant slightly hidden inside a Coral Gables office building. And the food here is unlike anything else in Miami, with dishes influenced by Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Lao, and other Asian cultures. You’ll find dumplings, a brisket sheng jian bao, and the must-order bing bread that's so good you'll want to cancel that wedding so you can marry it instead. Zitz also offers one of the best—and one of the few under $100—tasting menu options in Miami. It's a six-course omakase menu with a mix of on-menu hits and off-menu dishes, like a sesame mochi filled with potato and parmigiano reggiano that is one of the best bites you'll have all year. If your party is larger than six, you'll have to call the restaurant to set up a reservation.

The Mediterranean food at Mandolin is excellent, but this place is always crowded because it’s one of the greatest outdoor dining options in Miami. The tables are almost all outside, shaded by trees and canopies in the gorgeous courtyard of a converted 1940s bungalow right on the edge of the Design District. If you're trying to have dinner here, start looking for a reservation now. Like, now. Stop reading. Go do it. Because Mandolin is one of the toughest reservations in Miami. If you have no luck finding a dinner table, book lunch, which is a much easier table to get. 

Where To Have Dinner If You Care More About The Scene

They're expensive and have hit-or-miss menus—but it's also fully acceptable to go, "Woo!" in the dining room.



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No one really comes to Hasalon to eat. They come to dance on furniture like it’s the apocalypse. That being said, the Israeli restaurant is serving some of the best food in the Miami clubstaurant universe. The cavernous South Beach spot has a sort of Jekyll/Hyde personality going on. Before 9pm, it functions more or less as a regular restaurant. After 9pm, the music gets louder, and as the night goes on, things evolve into napkin-waving, table-dancing mayhem. The post-9pm seating requires a $90 per person minimum spend (that ups to $120 Friday and Saturday), which might explain why people are dancing so aggressively. 

Mila is, like most see-and-be-seen South Beach restaurants, way pricier than it ought to be. But the “MediterrAsian” food isn’t merely an afterthought. Some of it’s actually tasty. Plus, the restaurant has a sleek design that’s not aesthetically chaotic, and pretty outdoor patio seating. This place is on the edge of the clubstaurant spectrum, leaning more towards an actual restaurant. However, it's got a house soundtrack that’s turned up three notches too loud, fire dancers performing out on the deck, and it's still sceney enough to satisfy those looking for a proper clubstaurant experience. 

Though the service is unreliable and you might have to wait 45 minutes for your table even with a reservation, Dirty French can be a fun excuse to visit that obnoxious disco section of your closet and dive headfirst into a cliche for one night. There is no restaurant interior in Miami as ridiculously ‘80s as Dirty French. So if you are trying to wear leopard print, feather your bangs, and throw back martinis—you can do that here. Dinner is about aesthetics, and less about, well, dinner. Still, there are some good (but expensive) steaks on the menu. Save your money for those and skip the hit-or-miss (mostly miss) appetizers.  

Where To Have Dinner If You Care About Both

Our go-to spots for a nice blend of fun and food.

This Calle Ocho spot is an absolute blast. And unlike most restaurants that feel like a big, loud party, the mostly Cuban food is good too (but the cocktails are even better). Every night, Cafe La Trova has a live band (a rare sight in Miami these days) playing classic Cuban and Latin songs alongside a team of spiffy bartenders who not only make the world’s best daiquiri but also occasionally start dancing and playing instruments. There’s a neon-heavy '80s-themed bar in the back where you can keep the party going after dinner ends. 

Cote should be on your shortlist for any sort of big, celebratory, blowout dinner. Especially one that you’d like to involve meat. This Korean steakhouse is a true special occasion spot. During dinner, the exceptional staff take turns tending to beef sizzling away on the grill in the center of the table. You will probably end up ordering multiple rounds of the phenomenal cocktails. The restaurant also has a sleek design that makes you feel like you’re eating 1,000 years in the future. Cote isn't cheap, but the $68 Butcher’s Feast tasting menu is a pretty great deal considering it'll have you eating some of the best steak you’ll ever try.

Miami is saturated with sceney steakhouses these days. But almost none of them do it better than the city’s original sceney steakhouse: Prime 112. And this South Beach institution is still one of Miami’s best places to dress up and spend too much money on steak and dangerously spillable martinis. Prime 112 is a reminder of how Miami used to do see-and-be-seen restaurants, back when reservations had to be made over the phone and celebrities ate in the same dining room as civilians. Luckily, this place still holds up—and not just because of the scene, but also thanks to a fantastic ribeye, multiple forms of delicious potatoes, and complimentary bar bacon.

If you’re looking for a great group dinner option in Wynwood, then you’re looking for Doya. It's a huge, energetic restaurant perfect for groups of all sizes. The food and cocktails are very good, and the menu is mostly meze plates that work wonderfully for sharing. You can certainly spend some money here, but most plates on the menu hover around $10 to $20, and you can easily spend far more on way worse food in Wynwood. Definitely get the sea beans, octopus salad, and a kebab or two on the table. An extra side of lavash is a good idea, too. 

Where To Eat & Drink With A Great View

Beautiful spots that come with an excuse to take cute photos.

You can’t eat much closer to Biscayne Bay than at Edgewater’s Amara—unless you own a boat or are a manatee. But if you are not a herbivorous marine mammal, then this is a really good choice because both the view and food are great. The menu is pretty much all seafood, with a small raw bar and a grilled snapper worth ordering for the table. Come during the day if you really want to see the view in all its glory—and make a reservation if you want a guaranteed outdoor table.

Terras in Little Havana is our favorite rooftop spot in town, and this is thanks to both the great cocktails and the wonderful view of the Downtown skyline. They serve food here as well, including small plates like queso fundido, hearts of palm salad, and short rib birria tacos—but you’re coming here to drink (and maybe dance a little too). The space is pretty, not too claustrophobic, and even though it’s on the roof of a hotel, it’s always fun and never annoyingly touristy.

Going to The Cleat is a bit of a mission because of its location inside Bill Baggs State Park on the southern tip of Key Biscayne. However, it is incredibly worth it and the best waterfront bar in the city. And that is almost entirely because of the view. It’s hard to describe without using cliche adjectives like “breathtaking”, especially at sunset. The Cleat has a very Keys vibe, occasional live music, and every seat in the house provides a view of Biscayne Bay you’d normally have to purchase a $300 bottle of vodka to enjoy. There is an $8 per vehicle fee to get into the park, but tell them you’re going to The Cleat and they (should) let you in for free. This is a great day drinking option, especially if you time your visit during sunset. 

The food at Lido (mostly seafood and sandwiches) is not as good or as cheap as it should be, but these are the sacrifices we make for one of the best waterfront views you can have while eating an OK $20 cheeseburger. This place is located in The Standard Spa, which means you also have an above-average chance of seeing a celebrity, or overhearing a conversation about someone’s recent luxury ayahuasca retreat. But that view from the dockside tables is what really deserves your attention. You can also buy a day pass to The Standard if you like it here so much you want to come back the next day to utilize that pool you couldn’t stop staring into. 

Clubs That Don't Suck

Ignore that promoter who promised you a table at Mr. Jones and go here instead.

Space is a classic Miami club that opened in 2000. Unlike most clubs, it isn’t too claustrophobic, and thanks to all the plants and a semi-open roof, Space’s terrace kind of feels like being outside. These days it’s both a club for people who actually care who’s behind the DJ booth and people who want to dance until the sun hits them in the face—which literally happens thanks to that semi-open roof. Just know that headlining DJs often don’t come on until 3am, so go ahead and order that espresso after dinner.

Going to E11even is like embarking on an advanced white water rafting trip. You need to know what you’re getting into and mentally prepare or else things can go very badly, very quickly. E11even is ridiculous. Not only is the place massive and always crowded, but there will be topless dancers twerking all around you, dollar bills flying through the air, and random aerial acrobatic performances happening in the center of the club. Also, a famous rapper will probably start performing at, like, 4am and you’ll spend so much money that you’ll cry on the phone to your bank the next day. Still, this is a piece of Miami everyone should experience at least once.

There are a lot of things to do at Basement other than just dance while trying not to spill your drink all over your shirt. There are rainbow bowling lanes here (which you have to reserve in advance for at least $60 per hour) and a tiny indoor ice skating rink, both of which get more fun and more dangerous with every drink you consume. And if you’re not into the extracurricular activities, you can still just drink and dance to DJs.

Where To Dance If You Hate Clubs

Just because you have no tolerance for bottle service and $30 drinks doesn't mean you can't tear up a dance floor.

At night, Wednesday through Sunday, the upstairs bar at Miami Beach’s 27 turns into the Eagle Room. What does this mean exactly? Well, no eagles are involved, but they do have a DJ and the space basically turns into a living room dance party. It’s a fun, intimate room where it’s easy to have a conversation with strangers while waiting for a drink at the bar. This is a small bar, though, and unless you’re buying a table (which is an option), try to come early because capacity is limited. Also, just outside and downstairs you’ll find Broken Shaker, one of the best cocktail bars in Miami Beach

Every time we go to Downtown’s Mama Tried, the DJs are playing songs that are very hard not to scream along to. Things can get crowded here since it’s so small, but that’s not a bad thing if you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with people who also just realized they still know all the lyrics to Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player.” This place does a monthly emo night (on the last Sunday of each month) and it’s a truly wild evening where you can loudly relive all those angsty middle school feelings.

The Sylvester is a great little cocktail bar in Midtown, with decor that feels very South Florida thrift store. It can be a relatively chill spot during Happy Hour and on weekdays, but on the weekends they have a DJ spinning and things get more energetic. Dancing is highly encouraged, and when you need to rest your feet, there’s lots of comfortable seating available—as well as some of the best cocktails in the area.

Bars For Big Groups

You will receive zero dirty looks walking into these bars with a loud party of 12.

Lagniappe is proof that not all wine bars are quiet, dim places that feel like libraries. This place gets packed and loud both inside—where you’ll find a weekly rotation of great jazz and plenty of good wine in a slightly cramped space—and outside, which is a back patio that all other back patios should aspire to be. There are string lights and tons of tables that look like they were collected from years of garage sales. It can be hard to get one of those tables on the weekend (when they’re usually full of big groups or app dates) so come early or just do laps until you see an opening.

There is really never a bad time to come to Sweet Liberty. They’ve got one of our favorite Happy Hours, with cheap oysters and some of the best cocktails in the city. The late-night scene is fun without feeling sloppy, and the bar food here is top-notch, with a great fried chicken sandwich and potato chips and caviar. This place is everything we love about South Beach: sexy and colorful and not afraid of a hot pink neon sign, without any of the nasty overpriced stuff you’ll eat and drink on Ocean Drive.

Gramps is a time capsule full of everything that made Wynwood exciting before developers tore it to shreds: lots of color, culture, and booze. Inside you’ll find sneaky good cocktails, cold beer, and just the right amount of kitsch. And outside, there’s a tropical kaleidoscope of palm trees and paint, where fantastic DJs, drag performers, and live music take turns sharing the stage. You can spend a lot of time at Gramps without getting bored, and when you get hungry, they also serve excellent pizza in the backyard. Their drag night happens every Thursday, and is always a blast. 

Excellent Brunch Options

Three of our favorite recovery meals in Miami.

This Little River outdoor restaurant is our favorite brunch in Miami. This is because Rosie's makes the best brunch dishes in Miami. The menu revolves around Southern food, and both the sweet and savory sides of the spectrum are well-represented. You can get a gorgeous stack of fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes or fried chicken and biscuits that look like they just came back from a photo shoot. There are also cocktails, mimosas, coffee, and an excellent seasonal lemonade that's just what you want to be sipping in Rosie's sunny outdoor lot.

Chug’s is a great mix of vintage and modern. It has the DNA of a classic diner, but serves Cuban food that's exciting and interesting. It’s a great call for a quick coffee and pastelitos, but also works if you want to eat like a bear preparing for hibernation. If you’re trying to do the latter, make sure to get the excellent cast iron pancake and La Completa, a hefty plate of three eggs, potatoes, and Cuban toast. A slice of passion fruit cream pie for dessert is also a very good idea.

There usually comes a point in a bachelorette party where you just want a meal that is easy and comes with some personal space. When that time comes, we suggest hitting up El Bagel in MiMo for brunch. Be sure to place an online order as early as possible, because they will sell out. El Bagel does have a small backyard, but this is mostly a takeout operation. You can take your bagels back to wherever you’re staying and inhale them in bed. However, there are also two great picnic options nearby: Legion Park (which is just across the street) and Morningside Park (which is a mile south, but better for a picnic thanks to its waterfront view and plethora of picnic tables). 

Touristy Spots That Are Actually Good

For a little dose of Miami culture (and also the best drag brunch in America).

Though drag brunch has now spread far and wide across the country, few places do it as wonderfully as The Palace, which has been around since 1988. This place is so fun, and while they’re open at night, you want to be here for brunch. It’s $45 per person, which includes food and bottomless mimosas. The food is not very memorable, but seeing a drag performer toss her wig twenty feet in the air in the middle of Ocean Drive after doing a death drop from the top of a double-decker tour bus sure is.

It’s not cheap, convenient, or a stress-free dining experience. But Joe’s is still a delicious part of Miami history, and one of the best places to crack open a massive pile of stone crab claws. If you can’t snag one of the limited online reservations, you’ll probably have to wait a couple hours for a table. Once you’re seated, order the fried chicken, hashed brown potatoes, and as many stone crabs as can fit in your budget. And your purse.

Meals Where Everyone Can Pay For Their Own Food Because You're Sick Of Splitting Checks

We are done subsidizing Brittany's four martini dinners.

The Citadel is a big food hall in Little River with a few vendors we really love that are worth prioritizing. United States Burger Service is responsible for our hands-down favorite burger in town, Frice Cream makes our favorite ice cream, Lil Laos is delicious (and Miami's only Lao restaurant), The Shores does good Florida seafood, and Ash Pizza serves a solid Neapolitan pie. The Citadel itself is great for big groups, pretty casual, and has a full bar as well as rooftop seating with a surprisingly good sunset view. 

Smorgasburg is a huge outdoor food market in Wynwood open on Saturday and Sunday only with around 50 vendors. But go prepared. The vast majority of the market’s lot is unshaded and covered in gravel, so wear sunscreen and comfortable shoes. The winning strategy is claiming a shaded picnic table with your friends and foraging for food in shifts. Vendors rotate a lot, so we can't guarantee who you'll find here. But keep an eye out for anything from Krus Kitchen as well as Dale Street Food, who do smoky chorizo croquetas yakitori. But please remember, if you don’t want to hate yourself like that maid-of-honor will for the next four days, use sunscreen.

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