21 Miami At-Home Pop-Ups To Know About

From cookies to ramen, Miami chefs are cooking some very tasty things in their own kitchens.

There have been quite a lot of post-pandemic restaurant trends in Miami - like outdoor tables, digital menus, and meal kits. But another big one we’ve seen is the rise of home chefs starting their own takeout and delivery operations. Let’s call it the “at-home pop-up.” We spent a solid hour brainstorming names and that’s the best we could come up with. Sorry if you hate it.

But essentially, these are people - a mix of professional chefs and seriously talented home cooks - without restaurants who are making some very tasty and interesting food you might like. And there are a lot of these in Miami right now. Like, a lot. So many that we decided to give them their own guide separate from our other Pop-Ups guide. We have a feeling that we’ll be adding more to this list as they come across our radar (email us at miami@theinfatuation.com if you have a suggestion).

Just a head’s up, we haven’t tried all of these places, but we have tried some, like the incredible baked goods from Oori Bake Shop. Check out the options below, and get ready to slide into some DMs for dumplings, ramen, cinnamon rolls, and more.

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The Spots

Bang Bang Bakehouse imageoverride image

Bang Bang Bakehouse


Bang Bang is an at-home operation specializing in rum cake balls and rum cake jars. Orders for individual jars or larger party packs can be placed through their website.

Bagel Balls is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - little balls of bagel with cream cheese stuffed inside. They’re pretty tasty and come in flavors like everything, cinnamon raisin, and guava. Orders can be placed by DM’ing their Instagram page.

Burnt Cheesecakes imageoverride image

Burnt Cheesecakes


These folks specialize in “burnt cheesecakes,” which is a Basque method that leaves the top deeply caramelized and the interior nice and creamy. They’re accepting orders through their website.

Chunky Monkey Bar imageoverride image

Chunky Monkey Bar


Chunky Monkey Bar sells various baked goods that feature some combination of bananas, chocolate, and peanuts. Browse their selection and place an order over on their website.

Damn Delicioso imageoverride image

Damn Delicioso


Hit up Damn Delicioso if things like guava and white chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon roll banana bread, or salted dulce de leche Twix bars sound good to you. If they do, then shoot them a DM on Instagram or place an order online.

Drinking Pig is one place we’re including on both our pop-up guides. It is technically operating out of a home in North Miami - but you can also sit down and eat your barbecue there on a shaded picnic table. Regardless, it’s some of the best barbecue in South Florida right now. They accept orders via Instagram DM Sun-Wed for the following weekend and serve outstanding pork ribs, tender brisket, pulled pork, spice-rubbed chicken, and more.

The Dumpling Lady imageoverride image

The Dumpling Lady


You can probably guess what The Dumpling Lady makes. And if you want to order some of her spicy pork, shrimp and chicken, or mushroom dumplings, you should set an alarm for 2pm on Monday, because that’s when she posts a link to order on her Instagram page. You’ve got to finish cooking the dumplings at home, but they come with instructions and we have faith you’ll figure it out.

EarlyBird consists of a pair of chefs cooking from Midtown and their menu is a combo of baked goods (babka, cinnamon rolls, and olive oil and chocolate cookies, for example) and non-dessert things like carrot ginger soup and oxtail stew. See the full menu on their story highlights and DM to order.

Frankie and Wally’s imageoverride image

Frankie and Wally’s


Frankie + Wally’s are a couple Miamians selling ready-to-bake lasagna. Options include meat, veggie, and four-cheese. DM their Instagram page to place an order.

Inti Handcrafted Ice Cream imageoverride image

Inti Handcrafted Ice Cream


Inti makes and sells small batch ice cream, with flavors like key lime hibiscus, taro with mixed berries, and spiced hot chocolate. If that all sounds good to you, check out their current offerings on their Instagram page.

Le Petit Gateau imageoverride image

Le Petit Gateau


Le Petit Gateau specializes in desserts, with a lot of cookie options like classic chocolate chip, peanut butter white chocolate, and orange chocolate. Check out the recent offerings and place an order by DMing their Instagram page.

Li’s Dim Sum imageoverride image

Li’s Dim Sum


Li’s Dim Sum has things like shrimp, black truffle, and shallot dumplings, cold sesame noodles, and spring rolls. Oh, it’s also run by a father/son duo, which is adorable. To order, you’ve got to call or text (954) 673-1535. Pick-up is in the Sunny Isles area, but they’ll also deliver if you’re close by.

Liger's Cookies imageoverride image

Liger's Cookies


Liger’s specializes in the chocolate chip cookie. They are, in Liger’s words, “superior” cookies. We’ve actually had some and can confirm their superiority - these cookies are soft, chewy, and have a light crispness to their edge. Go place an order on their website.

Luly’s Flans imageoverride image

Luly’s Flans


Options at Luly’s Flan include cheese and caramel flan, coconut flan, chocolate flan, and more rotating options. DM their Instagram page to see what they’ve got right now.

Mamma’s Dip sells a ready-to-bake corn and cheese dip that you can order via Instagram DM. Place an order next time there's a big game or really any day when you realize it's been too long since you've had a good dip.

Michael's Mandel Bread imageoverride image

Michael's Mandel Bread


Michael’s Mandel Bread serves their version of mandel bread, which is “a close relative of biscotti,” according to this little write up they just got in the New York Times. Theirs is softer than normal mandel bread and comes stuffed with chocolate chips. You can place an order on their website.

Oori Bake Shop imageoverride image

Oori Bake Shop


We tried the sourdough baked goods at Oori Bake Shop a couple weeks ago and are incredibly glad we did. They have lemon poppy turmeric sourdough (excellent), charcoal rolls with everything seasoning (also excellent), and cinnamon rolls with lemon cream cheese frosting (we didn’t try these, but we’re assuming it’s just more excellence). DM their page to place an order.

Peacock Ramen imageoverride image

Peacock Ramen


“Just a guy making craft ramen at home.” That’s what it says in Peacock Ramen’s bio, and that sums it up pretty well. They have shoyu ramen kits available to order via DM. Visit their page to see more.

Sol Thai Kitchen imageoverride image

Sol Thai Kitchen


This Thai food pop-up has things like butter chicken, pad Thai, green curry, tom ka soup, and a lot more. You can see the most current menu in their story highlights and DM them to order.

Thober’s Delicacies imageoverride image

Thober’s Delicacies


Thober’s makes Brazilian baked goods, like bolo de fubá, bolo nega maluca, and more things you can check out over on their website if your sweet tooth has been acting up lately.

What Soup imageoverride image

What Soup


What Soup specialize in soup, which you can order for their weekly delivery or go pick up yourself inside Per’La in Coral Gables or Mid Market in Midtown. Soup options rotate but you can get a feel for some of the options over on their Instagram page.

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