The Miami (Quarantine) Dinner & A Movie Guide guide image


The Miami (Quarantine) Dinner & A Movie Guide

We picked our favorite Miami movies and paired them with the perfect restaurants doing takeout.

If you’re like us, every night around 7pm, you ask yourself the same questions: When’s the last time I wore underwear? What should I have for dinner? And what should I watch tonight? This guide is meant to help you out with two of those questions. Below we’ve selected 10 quintessential Miami movies and paired them with some appropriate takeout and delivery options. So give your brain a break and let us make the decisions tonight. Also, don’t stress about the whole underwear thing. Who cares?

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Movie Pairing:Screwball (Netflix)

This Billy Corben documentary tells the story of how the biggest star in baseball was brought down by some of the biggest idiots in Miami. It’s a baseball movie, so let’s pretend we’re at a baseball game. Get some beer (if you’re running low, order online from Boxelder) and order a hot dog from Blue Collar. The MiMo spot has a new one on the takeout menu. They also have a sandwich named after director Billy Corben (it’s called the “Corben” Sandwich), so that would be an appropriate call too.

Movie Pairing:Moonlight (Netflix)

There’s a scene in Moonlight when Chiron is reconnecting with Kevin that takes place at Jimmy’s Diner in MiMo, which is on most of the major delivery apps. We can’t say much else without spoiling the movie, but it involves a pollo a la plancha, which is sadly not on the menu so maybe just get a patty melt.

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Movie Pairing:The Birdcage (Prime and free on YouTube)

This feels like one where alcohol should be involved, so order cocktails from Downtown’s Jaguar Sun (the pasta is also awesome in case you’re hungry) and time things so you can tune into one of The Palace’s drag livestreams afterwards. They post the details on their Instagram.

Movie Pairing:Chef (Prime)

Jon Favreau’s character in Chef gets very obsessed with the Cuban sandwich, specifically the one at Versailles. Order one of those, some flan, croquetas, and ropa vieja on Uber Eats and prepare for just a delightful movie.

Movie Pairing:Scarface (Hulu)

If Tony Montana was alive today, he’d for sure be a regular at Prime 112, sipping martinis and taking a suspiciously long time in the bathroom. Right now, the South Beach steakhouse is selling wholesale meat, and cooking a dry-aged, bone-in ribeye for yourself on a random Tuesday seems like something Mr. Montana would do.

Movie Pairing:There’s Something About Mary (iTunes and Prime)

There are many iconic scenes from this movie to draw inspiration from - but most of them are absolutely disgusting. The least offensive one we can think of is the part where Ben Stiller gets a fishing hook to the mouth, so let’s go with seafood. For that, we like La Camaronera - but you can also do Captain Jim’s if it’s closer to you. They’re both great and have the same owner.

Movie Pairing:Magic City Hustle (

We’re throwing another Billy Corben joint on the list because the man’s a treasure and Magic City Hustle is one of his most underrated docs. The film is essential viewing for any Miamian and tells the story of one casino’s attempt to make jai alai cool again. It’s a classic Miami story about a classic Miami sport, so it feels right to eat a classic Miami food. You can find plenty of them at Enriquetas, a Cuban diner in Edgewater we really love. The pan con bistec is just great.

Movie Pairing:Bad Boys (Netflix)

You could spend hours watching the entire Bad Boys franchise, so you’ll need some food and drinks to last a while. Order from Coyo Taco, because they’re selling margaritas by the half-gallon and also have some family-style meals that will work great for extended snacking. You can order online from the Gables, Brickell, and Wynwood locations.

Movie Pairing:Pain and Gain (iTunes and Prime)

The Rock, who stars in this action/comedy about a pair of idiotic Miami gym rat criminals, is known for having legendary cheat days in which he consumes a small village’s worth of carbs. So pay homage to the refrigerator-size superstar by ordering cookies and pie from Fireman Derek. Eat until you swell to 200% your normal size. Wait an hour, then repeat.

Movie Pairing:Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Prime)

If Ace Ventura loved anything (besides talking out of his butt), it’s animals. So you probably shouldn’t eat any while you watch this movie. Instead, order plant-based things from Wynwood’s Love Life Cafe while you remember just how strange the ’90s were.

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