The Miami Brunch Guide

The best brunch spots in Miami, all in one place.

The very short list of things that can convince us to leave our beds and go outside before 11am on a weekend include the following: weed whackers less than ten feet from our window, small children, a small child that somehow got their hands on a weed wacker, and any one of the best brunch restaurants in Miami, which you’ll find on this guide.


Chug’s is a great mix of vintage and modern. It has the DNA of a classic diner, but serves food that's exciting and interesting. The interior has a familiar diner aesthetic, with booths, counter seating, and laminated menus you can flip through on each table. But it’s also more lively and energetic than your average neighborhood greasy spoon. The food is the main reason you come here, though. It’s a great call for a quick coffee and pastelitos, but also works if you want to eat like a bear preparing for hibernation. If you’re trying to do the latter, make sure to get the excellent cast iron pancake and La Completa, a hefty plate of three eggs, potatoes, and Cuban toast. A slice of passion fruit cream pie for dessert is also a very good idea.

If the production of brunch is starting to feel more like a chore than a pleasure to you, go to Rosie's. The Little River restaurant will make you fall madly in love with the meal again, even if you never even liked it that much to begin with. This is because the food here is phenomenal, and Rosie's makes the best brunch dishes in Miami. The menu revolves around Southern food, and both the sweet and savory sides of the spectrum are well-represented. You can get a gorgeous stack of fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes or fried chicken and biscuits that look like they just came back from a photo shoot. There are also cocktails, mimosas, coffee, and an excellent seasonal lemonade that's just what you want to be sipping in Rosie's sunny outdoor lot.

El Bagel will take some preparation. Since this excellent MiMo food-truck-turned-bagel-shop usually sells out before they close (and even quicker on the weekends), it's wise to place an online order bright and early. We often struggle to decide between the King Guava, a salty/savory work of bagel art that includes guava jam, crispy potato sticks, and a fried egg—or the EB Original with scallion, bacon, and a roasted jalapeno that gives off the perfect amount of heat. But whatever you get is going to be the best bagel in Miami, hands down. This place is mostly a to-go operation, but they have a little back patio that's a great place to tear into your bagel (if it's not 1,000 degrees outside).

7th Cafe is a casual Allapattah breakfast and lunch spot with a menu full of really good NYC-inspired dishes. One quick thing to mention: they're only open during the week. More things worth mentioning: they make a great B.E.C., a pastrami sandwich, one of our favorite hot dogs in town, and some of Miami's best bagels. The restaurant is located in a sunny space on the ground floor of an office building, with indoor and outdoor seating. It's a perfect spot to escape the office or come on a random Wednesday morning when you need a perfect omelet.

You can’t eat much closer to Biscayne Bay than at Amara—unless you own a boat or are a manatee. But if you are not a herbivorous marine mammal, then this Edgewater spot is a really good choice because both the view and food are great. The weekend brunch menu includes some standard egg dishes, but they also have lots of seafood, including a small raw bar and a great grilled local catch. The arroz verde is worth getting on the table too. One perk of coming here for brunch is that it'll be bright and sunny, so you can see the view in all its glory. Just be sure to make a reservation for a guaranteed outdoor table.

Blue Collar’s brunch menu is broken up into three main categories: eggy stuff, sandwichy stuff, and syrupy stuff. If any of those sound good to you, come here, because Blue Collar is one of the most consistently delicious spots in Miami. Whether you want something a little out of the ordinary, like the shrimp benedict, or a brioche french toast that everyone at your table will immediately regret not ordering, this MiMo spot will make you happy you didn’t stay in bed and leave you full enough to make returning home to that bed sound like a very good idea.

One of Miami’s most peaceful little cafes happens to be around the corner from E11even, and the coffee is good enough to help you forget about that one time you spent $400 there on a bottle of $40 vodka. Come here for a fantastic breakfast sandwich, great cup of coffee, or get all of the above to-go from their ventanita. You can go with a simple but perfect pour over or opt for more adventurous things like a rosemary cold brew with lime juice. They do breakfast and lunch as well. The Runny & Everything sandwich is one of the best bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches we’ve found in Miami—thanks mostly to the everything brioche bun. This place also has free WiFi and is usually chill enough during the week to get some work done. Expect a crowd on the weekends though.

Though drag brunch has now spread far and wide across the country, very few places have been doing it for as long as the Palace has. This place is still a blast, and though they do drag shows at night, you want to be here while the sun is out. It’s $45 per person, which includes food and bottomless mimosas. The food is food, and not the reason you come here. You come to sip as many mimosas as you want for two hours while witnessing the best sidewalk drag show of your life. Come armed with singles to tip the performers.

The dim sum brunch is an absolutely beautiful thing because when one is slightly hungover or incredibly hungry after skipping breakfast, there is no better way to eat than to have carts full of delicious dumplings roll right up to your table. The dining room is always full on weekends, but things move quickly here and you shouldn’t have to wait too long to consume any fewer than four roast pork buns in a row.

Jackson Soul Food is an Overtown institution. As the name implies, they’re known for soul food, but they’re only open until 2pm Wednesday to Friday and until 5pm on weekends, so people usually come here for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. They’ve got a big selection of simple breakfast dishes like eggs and sausage, pancakes, and some breakfast sandwiches. But one of the best things you can get here is their fried catfish, which works just fantastically as a brunch dish, especially if you get a couple of eggs and bacon on the side.

If the presence of alcohol is important to your brunch experience, Sweet Liberty is probably a good choice. It’s one of Miami’s best cocktail bars by night, but on Sunday from 12-5pm, they do a great brunch. They have bottomless rosé, but their cocktails, like the Irish coffee and piña colada, are delicious and worth prioritizing. The food is much better than you’d expect too. Get the chicken and waffles if you’re in the mood or the “great American breakfast” of three eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and toast if you forgot to eat dinner last night. And expect to see some drag or cabaret while you eat too.

Kyu’s normally large menu shrinks down to a very manageable size during Sunday brunch, which is good if your reading comprehension skills haven’t kicked in yet. Pick from french toast, steak and eggs, and four benedict variations with things like crispy pork and soft-shell crab. It’s all as good as you’d expect from a restaurant that pretty much never serves a bad dish. This is also a good opportunity to drink Kyu’s kimchi Bloody Mary, which is great and will clear your sinuses for the week ahead.

Buena Vista Deli is a casual spot perfect for those mornings when you roll out of bed with no reservations, or eggs in your fridge. You will most likely be able to walk into this little French restaurant in Buena Vista. When you do, ask for a table on their little side patio. It’s a cozy, peaceful setup where you can eat simple sandwiches, quiche, omelettes, and pastries. They have mimosas too, in case coffee just won’t cut it.

There are a lot of very good things available at this casual neighborhood spot, but you should come to brunch for two of them in particular: the Pinch burger and the insane feat of engineering that is their stuffed french toast. It’s an entire loaf of brioche that has an oozing pool of guava in its center. Splitting it open and watching it all spill onto your plate is both soothing and satisfying, like a babbling creek or Niagara Falls—if both of those things were filled with hot guava instead of water.

Jimmy’s is one of Miami’s favorite old-school diners, where the employees have served through multiple presidential administrations and the flat top in the kitchen has seen more grease than the official John Travolta fan club. Come here if you want to get far, far away from any sort of brunch where the menu tells you the restaurant’s official hashtag. Get something with eggs and take advantage of the bottomless coffee until you feel like you can overhead press a Honda Accord.

If you're in South Beach and happen to be in the mood for fried chicken and waffles, Yardbird is the move. Get a half chicken with honey hot sauce for the table and then supplement that with some sides like cheddar grits, eggs, and a honey butter biscuit. Make sure to get a reservation, because it turns out quite a lot of people in this city want fried chicken for breakfast.

Sometimes brunch is a spontaneous decision. And on those days when you wake up hungry, but without reservations or any real plan at all, you can generally rely on Lemoni. Their weekend brunch is a casual, no-fuss ordeal where you can usually get a table and expect consistently good food, portions, and prices. We generally get anything involving smoked salmon. They also do $18 bottomless mimosas and prosecco and not many places around town can beat that.

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