Pozoles Texcoco

Pozole is the best thing to have after a night out for a late breakfast or early lunch, and while we fully stand behind that statement, there’s much more to the hominy corn stew than being a simple hangover cure. Have a meal at Pozoles Texcoco and you’ll see what we mean. The decor is fun and relaxed, the food is homey and comforting, and eating here feels a bit like being in a simple Mexican normcore cafeteria. 

Order the Pozole Mixteco, which has a deep and rich pork bone broth and heirloom hominy corn, served with braised pork and tons of toppings, including lettuce, dried chiles, avocado, dried oregano, and more. For dessert, try the Chocoflan: a flan and brownie combination cake topped with nuts and whipped cream.