El Micky

Cantinas are having a moment in CDMX—they’re where young locals come for a few rounds of chelas and late-night snacks. El Micky is the most notable of the bunch right now, attracting a hip crowd of artists, actors, and creatives who know to get there before 10pm as it fills up quickly. The menu is based on the traditional cuisine of the owner’s mother’s home state of Chiapas, so you’ll find things like a tasty plato botanero that includes a nice assortment of snacks, like frijoles refritos, garnachas, and quesadillas chiapanecas. 

El Micky is about much more than the food, though. The energy is super fun, especially when you’re sipping on their famous tepito-style gomichela (a liter of beer served in a plastic cup filled with gummy bears and a chamoy ring) while dancing to a seriously eclectic playlist. The vibe is distinctly high-low, and it’s nearly impossible not to have a great time partying among the purple neon lighting.

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