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Merkavá review image

CDMX Review

Israeli in La Condesa

Merkavá makes the best Israeli food in Condesa, and probably all of CDMX.

Lardo review image

CDMX Review

Mediterranean in La Condesa

Another place open on Sundays, Lardo is a great spot in La Condesa for an early lunch.

Pasillo de Humo review image

CDMX Review

Pasillo de Humo
Mexican in La Condesa

A Oaxacan breakfast or lunch at Pasillo de Humo in La Condesa should be at the top of your Mexico City eating priorities.

Pozolería Teoixtla review image

CDMX Review

Pozolería Teoixtla
Mexican in Roma

If you need a break from tacos, get our favorite bowl of pozole at Pozoleria Teoixtla in Roma.

Páramo review image

CDMX Review

Mexican in Roma

When you want late-night food along with a late-night scene, head to Paramo in Roma.

La Docena review image

CDMX Review

La Docena
Raw Bar in Roma

La Docena is an oyster bar in Roma that’s one of the only places in Mexico City open on Sundays.