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Merriman’s review image

MAUI Review

Seafood in Kapalua

The dining room of Merriman’s looks out over Kapalua Bay on the west side, so you’ll have perfect views while eating the local, farm-to-table dishes.

Mama's Fish House review image

MAUI Review

Mama's Fish House
Seafood in Paia

Mama’s Fish House has been around and serving seafood since 1973, so it’s a local classic and somewhere you’ll spend some money.

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a review image

MAUI Review

Polynesian in Wailea

With the longest name you’ve probably ever seen, Humuhumu serves upscale Hawaiian food under a Polynesian-style thatched roof in Wailea.

The Mill House review image

MAUI Review

The Mill House
Hawaiian in Wailuku

Though it’s a 20-30 minute drive from the main tourist areas, The Mill House is one of the most beautiful restaurants on the island.

Vana review image

MAUI Review

Seafood in Paia

One of our favorite restaurants in Paia, Vana serves Hawaiian-Japanese food in a small garden space on the ground floor of the Paia Inn.