Yuan's Hot Pot

Yuan’s is a Sichuan hot pot restaurant in Rosemead with more bells and whistles than a fully loaded sports car. The high-ceiling dining room is stylish, service is snappy, and they give you a custom-embroidered bib to protect your shirt from inevitable soup splashes. Most importantly, Yuan’s delivers on that hot pot essential: fantastic broth. For a small upcharge, you can order three flavors at once, served in a so-called Mercedes pot due to its resemblance to the luxury car logo. The fiery Sichuan-style broth is flavored with a metric ton of red chiles (even the mild is plenty spicy), and both the milder bone broth and tomato broth deliver deep umami. Use a QR code on your table to order anything from giant prawns and lamb belly to tofu puffs and chrysanthemum greens and it all arrives in a flash. There’s also a sprawling DIY sauce station, a snack and dessert bar with cooling brown sugar ice jelly for dessert, and little canisters of sesame oil you can take home gratis. Not only is Yuan’s one of our favorite hot pot places in LA, eating here makes you feel like you’re a game show contestant that just won the grand prize.