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Bar in Boyle Heights


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    Perfect for
  • Dancing
  • Drinking Good Cocktails

Friday nights at Xelas feel like coming across a neighborhood pachanga where there’s plenty of craft beer and - instead of your aunt hogging the aux cord (again) - a live DJ spinning reggaeton hits. This Boyle Heights bar also serves some delicious bar food too, like cheesy quesadillas and cochinita pibil tacos with plenty of tart pickled onions. Xelas’ michelada lives up to the bar’s name by being “chela-forward” (AKA more beer, less tomato). A pint of Mexican lager gets mixed with “I Love Michelada” mix to create a bubbly, smoky, and super citrusy cocktail. It’s simple, refreshing, and light enough to follow up with a few more rounds.