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We’re not trying to rile everyone up here, but remember when everything was about the sausage in this town?

Los Angeles circa 2010 was a sweltering crock pot of Silly Bandz, people bitching about the Lost finale, and sausage joints seemingly on every corner of the city. And at the center of this rather aggressive food fad sat Wurstküche, the hipster-bro-sausage-rave-hall that opened up in the still- full-of-actual-artists Arts District. It was a simpler time. Fast forward to 2015 and the SoCal sausage craze has safely tempered down, but it’s safe to say the Wurstküche bubble isn’t bursting anytime soon. The lines are still wrapped around the block. So what’s all the hype about? How long is too long to be leaning against a brick wall just to eat a hot link?

After all the hubbub and smack talk, what matters most is Wurstküche serves some pretty delicious - and unusual - sausage. Sure, you can go to Wurstkuche and order a tasty Chicken Apple sausage like a good Kappa Kappa, but what you want to do is go total honeybadger on that Rattlesnake and Rabbit sausage and walk out a true champ. These may not be the most “authentic” sausage, but who cares? For a reasonable price you’re getting something you really can’t get anywhere else.

Wurstküche is also perfect for a big group of drunk friends, so keep it in your back pocket for those moments. Everyone orders separately at the tiny counter up front, reassuring you that Tyler won’t skip out on the bill like he usually does. You grab your craft beer, head back to a truly raucous eating hall, and wait for your sausage to show up. Does there need to a DJ spinning Bastille while you’re eating your Kielbasa? No. But we chose this world everyone. Sure it’s loud, and sceney, and in no way resembles a German Beer Hall, but if thats your takeaway from Wurstküche, you missed the point entirely.

Food Rundown

Rattlesnake And Rabbit With Jalapenos

If the title alone makes you squirm, Wurstküche has accomplished its goal. But the fact is: this is the best sausage on the menu.

Wurstküche review image

Duck And Bacon With Jalapeno

Also sitting on the Wurstküche throne. The mix of the flavorful duck and all the magic that bacon brings puts this one in a league of its own.

Lamb With Mediterranean Spices

This one’s lighter than the others around it, but it’s still packed in with plenty of flavor.

Wurstküche review image

Austin Blues

Providing the biggest kick of heat on the menu, this pork and tri-tip packed link is sweet, Texas goodness.

Filipino Maharlika

This sausage doesn’t always pop out to people on the menu, but the naturally sweet pork on the inside makes it one of the most addicting at Wurstkuche.

Buffalo, Beef And Pork With Chipotle Peppers

Definitely the heartiest link on the menu.

Wurstküche review image

Mango Jalapeno

On the lighter side for sure, but the mix of sweet and hot with the lightness of the turkey and chicken makes this an easy foolproof order.

Wurstküche review image

Belgian Fries

All the sausages come a la carte, so you’ll have to order these separately AND YOU WILL. Because these are quietly some of the best fries in town. And when it’s Belgian style, you know you’re getting a whole lot of that glorious potato.

Wurstküche review image

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