Vive La Tarte review image

Vive La Tarte

A parking structure for Night+Market. A giant dumpster for Bird scooters. A (functional) shrine to multiple-Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe. These are all things that Silver Lake probably could have used instead of another cafe, but we’ll happily accept Vive La Tarte anyway. With its turmeric-forward menu and space filled with large, light wood furniture, this is a great place to get some work done or for the spillover crowd from the random Depop store next door. Not everything on the menu here is a hit - for example, their signature “tacro,” which combines the ideologically opposed croissant and taco, is way too crumbly to eat and, like getting a year’s subscription to Architectural Digest, much cooler in theory. But if you’re in the mood for something flaky and French, focus on their orange blossom croissant. Unlike most orange-flavored things, it doesn’t taste like pure, uncut Tang powder, but rather has a surprisingly subtle balance of sweet citrus and buttery dough.

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