United Bread And Pastry

Businesses along Sunset Boulevard come and go like the seasons, but one little corner that has stayed defiantly consistent is United Bread & Pastry. Andrea De Guzman and her husband, who had a background in baking, opened the Filipino bakery in 1984, and over the years, they’ve built a strong customer base as the neighborhood has changed around them. Today, they are the only Filipino bakery left in the neighborhood as many other Filipino-owned businesses have closed or moved, and as shiny new bakeries like Tartine open up down the street, they’ve fared well despite the competition. Since they own the building, United has been able to survive during the past year, and while a lot of people have offered to purchase the property, De Guzman said she plans to pass it to her youngest son and continue to serve sapin-sapin and empanadas to the neighborhood for years to come

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