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Ugly Drum


This pastrami specialist from chef Erik Black rose to fame over the last few years at Smorgasburg, but is currently operating Monday’s out of Cofax Coffee on Fairfax, plus nationwide delivery through Goldbelly. There’s steep competition in this town when it comes to great pastrami, but let it be known, Ugly Drum is creeping closer to the esteemed pantheon. If it’s your first time, the Pit Smoked Pastrami Sandwich is an obvious choice, which comes with smoky, half-inch thick cuts of pastrami, deli mustard, and bread courtesy of Bub & Grandma’s. That said, don’t miss out on the rest of their menu either - everything from coleslaw to the seasoned fries should be on your order, and if you’re feeding a big group, they sell pastrami and “uglies” (pastrami burnt ends) by the pound.

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