Trois Familia

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What are the tell-tale signs of a truly great date?

Is it good conversation? Awesome food? A doorstep make-out sesh? We’ll definitely take any one of those, but there’s a single organic moment when you know you’ve totally nailed it.

Both sides plan the next date without even thinking about it.

We recently took ourselves on a date to Trois Familia, Chef Ludo’s new brunch spot in Silver Lake. And rather unconsciously, we had our return engagement planned, set, and in motion before we even got up from our table to leave.

Attention Los Angeles: Trois Familia is truly great.

And that being said, Trois Familia had the makings of a convoluted, pretentious mess. Per usual, Chef Ludo and company found the most nondescript strip mall in town, quietly added in a tiny restaurant, and left everything else unchanged. The menu is some sort of French-Mexican breakfast fusion situation and reads like a stoner’s guide to surviving the apocalypse. (French bean burrito, anyone?) Absolutely none of this should work. And yet, absolutely every part does.

The Trois empire hasn’t exactly been built on a model of accessibility. And yet at Trois Familia, the whole city is invited. Dishes range anywhere from $8-$12, pajamas are acceptable attire, and despite only being open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day, you can actually get into the place. The interior may be small but it’s colorful, lively, and unintimidating. They make good use of the six white picnic tables inside and that probably means you’ll end up sitting next to a stranger. Fear not. Familia’s unpretentious vibe is conducive to chatter and everyone’s talking about one thing: The Food.

Double decker taco, churro French toast, hash brown chilaquiles, beet tartare. We could go on. Is there perhaps a slight lack of cohesion throughout the menu? Only if you’re dead inside. Trois Familia is one part experimentation and 100 parts heartwarming, homestyle comfort cooking.

We’re not ones to rush into anything, but when you know, you know. And we know this is love.

Food Rundown

Double Decker Taco

Anyone still concerned that Trois Familia won’t fill you up, please take note. These two gigantic tacos are essentially the best gordita crunches on Earth. This is gut-busting, hangover-curing drunk food made by one of America’s best chefs. Dig in.

Beet Tartare

Nothing about this is going to jump off the menu at you, but PLEASE take our word for it: this is a must-order. Not only is it perhaps the most beautiful dish at Trois Familia, it’s a bit lighter as well, providing an ideal break-up amongst the more heavy-handed dishes.

Churro French Toast

Does this even need convincing?

Hash Brown Chilaquiles

Along with the double decker tacos, this gift from God is going to be the dish you remember the most. A Texas-toast sized square of crispy hash browns topped with a sunny side up egg and bathing in salsa macho is hovering close to perfection.

Chicken Milanesa

Probably the only true lunch item on the menu, there’s not much fusion going on here and we don’t give a sh*t. Those pickled cucumbers and Maggi ranch sauce are everything we need in life.

French Bean Burrito

No doubt the most obvious use of the French-Mexican fusion, it doesn’t look like much when it hits the table, but its simplicity is appealing (and delicious) when surrounding by the more over-the-top dishes.

Poached Egg

We liked this dish a lot (do you see a reoccurring theme?), but we only wish there was a little bit more of it. A slight problem when something is just too good to be true.

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