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Trois Familia is permanently closed.
Jakob Layman

Trois Familia

Written by
Jakob Layman

When Trois Familia opened in 2015, it was a daytime-only French/Mexican brunch fusion spot. The bright strip mall space did wonders for your fledgling social media presence, and there was a chef you recognized from TV in the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, there were lines out the door almost every day. But as time went on and the allure of eating churro french toast in a rainbow-colored room wore off, suddenly this exciting little spot started to seem like one big gimmick.

Fast forward to today, and Trois Familia feels like a completely different place. What used to be a tiny cafe with cutesy brunch food is now a reliable French restaurant that every person on the Eastside should keep in their back pocket.

The biggest change at Trois Familia is the dinner menu. There’s an excellent steak-frites for $19, perfectly cooked clams, and a foie gras burger we’d put against the best in the city. Trois Familia is still open during the day as well, and if you go then, you’ll find the original brunch menu largely intact. The beet tartare tostada, churro french toast, and double-decker potato taco all taste as good as they did in 2015 - and actually, because you don’t have to wait an hour to eat them, probably even a little bit better.

Jakob Layman

Aesthetically speaking, Trois Familia now feels like a neighborhood bistro. The small space is bright and colorful, but the cramped white picnic tables have been swapped out for little marble ones with rattan chairs. You can also walk in here anytime and find an empty seat waiting for you. Sure, there’ll be a few people on laptops and a table of friends talking about auditions, but overall, the calm and quiet space is ideal for a last-second dinner after burning the chicken at home.

Trois Familia is simply a dependable French spot where you know you’ll always be able to get a table, and a great meal. And there’s nothing gimmicky about that.

Food Rundown

Jakob Layman
The Burger

Packed with short rib and foie gras, this burger is certainly rich, but it’s also very simple. No toppings and no cheese - just a tiny cup of beef shank jus on the side for dipping and for storing in your glove compartment later. This is one of our favorite burgers in the city.

Jakob Layman
Potato Taco

This is one of the few dishes that has been on Trois Familia’s menu from the very beginning. And somehow, it’s only gotten better over time. Stuffed with cheese, creme fraiche, and enough shredded carrots to feed a family of rabbits throughout the winter, this thing is pure comfort and a required order.

Jakob Layman

If you’ve been to one of the Petit Trois locations, you might be familiar with Chef Ludo’s steak-frites. They’re fantastic, but they’re also $38. Not at Trois Familia. Coming in at a cool $19, it’s essentially the exact same version (read: excellent) at half the price. Bargain hunters unite.

Jakob Layman

If you’re at Trois Familia and in the mood for some pasta, you won’t be upset about this. But there are better things to eat here.

Jakob Layman

If the clams are on the specials board when you’re at Trois Familia, order them. They are perfectly cooked, and we could drink the butter broth at the bottom in a pint glass.

Tres Leche Cake

This looks more like a birthday cake than anything else, and it’s also delicious. No one is stopping you if you want to put a candle in it.

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