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Korean in Sawtelle Japantown

There are a few options for Korean food in West LA, but Tofu Ya on Sawtelle will always be Old Faithful. Stop in for a sundubu combo, and see for yourself. The “spicy” tofu soup here is more like a “medium” when compared to Ktown spice levels, which means it might make your face burn, but maybe you won’t do that thing where you puff your cheeks out for air. It comes loaded with soft, jiggly tofu that sucks up the piping hot beef broth, and all of the funk from the kimchi - perfect for a gloomy night in LA. For the other half of your combo, we suggest the bulgogi or galbi. The sweet-leaning meat comes sizzling on a skillet of onions, and passerby will probably rubberneck to see the source of the mouthwatering smell. For just over $20, this sundubu, bulgogi, barchan combo can’t be beat in this part of town.