Toca Madera

Toca Madera is a corporate “modern Mexican steakhouse” on W. 3rd Street and one of the most crowded restaurants in Beverly Grove. It’s so popular that, since opening in 2015, it’s expanded to both Scottsdale and Las Vegas, bringing the same bland and generic Mexican food to two other states that don’t need it. We’re fine eating lackluster food at clubstaurants—we expect it, actually—but Toca Madera doesn’t have any other fun elements in play to distract you from the fact that you just spent $16 on one scoop of soured guacamole or $22 on an al pastor taco with a tortilla that crumbles in half when you pick it up. If you want to come here for a quick margarita at the bar with a coworker, this place will suffice. Otherwise, there’s no reason to come here. 

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