If you’re with a group and you only have time for one meal in Little Saigon, go to Thien An. This iconic spot on Bolsa Ave. (the original, in Garden Grove, opened in 1989) serves one of the most memorable meals in the neighborhood - the Bo 7 Mon. It’s a seven-course dinner featuring beef served seven different ways: boiled, griddled, steamed, minced, sausage-d, salad-ed, and, uh, soup-ed. Each course comes out separately, giving you a chance to compare, contrast, and fight over which is the best. Note: When the food is this incredible, there will never be a consensus. If you want to break up the meat parade a bit, throw in their excellent baked catfish as well.

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The Best Restaurants In Little Saigon

The 21 best places to eat in Orange County’s Little Saigon.

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