The Queen Mary

If you have the guts to dine on a 90-year-old ocean liner docked off the coast of Long Beach, we imagine being outnumbered by ghouls must be an aphrodisiac for you. Rest assured, you’re gonna see weird sh*t here. The 350-room ship has several different dining options—including an equally haunted observation bar—but if you’re just coming for dinner, you’ll eat at Sir Winston’s. The menu is filled with typical steakhouse stuff like porterhouses, jumbo shrimp, and well-dressed Caesar salads, but the food probably won’t be the star here. That award goes to the ornate dining room with ocean views and all the apparitions waiting patiently to pull pranks on you. 

**The Queen Mary is currently closed for renovations and expected to open by the end of 2022. Check here for updates.**

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