The Cannibal

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In case you were worried, let's just be clear from the get-go - The Cannibal is not the kind of place where Hannibal Lecter would hang out. For starters, he'd definitely be more into white tablecloths and maybe some opera quietly playing in the background, but also, despite the name, there's no human on the menu. Just meat. Lots and lots of very tasty meat.

This is obviously not the place to bring that one friend who posts PETA videos on Facebook, nor is it the place to bring the friend that even occasionally dabbles in veganism. Yes, there's a whole section of veggie dishes, and a hamachi crudo for good measure, but there's a high chance she'll end up sitting next to a pig's head at some point. The Cannibal's menu is almost entirely made up of meat prepared in a whole bunch of different ways - charcuterie, jerky, grilled on sticks, sausage, large pieces of steak, and of course that pig’s head. And none of it is just a grilled slab of animal smacked on a plate - there's more thought behind the food here, whether it's romesco with your hangar steak, or a crumpet under your tartare, or doing slightly insane things to sausages like making a chicken parm inspired one. And if you came with a crowd, be brave and get the head. It might look scary, but it’s crunchy and rich and you get to make tacos out of it. It's the kind of thing that would probably inspire Hannibal to move on from his human diet.

Holly Liss

Aside from the menu, the environment at The Cannibal was also basically made for guys' night out. The plaid shirt-wearing, bearded waiters all look like they just came from a camping trip in upstate New York, there’s hip hop playing at a very loud volume, and they're extremely into beer here. But having said that, The Cannibal is also a more than acceptable date spot. The service is friendly and helpful, which you’re definitely going to need if you’re planning on delving into the 200 bottle-strong beer list.

The Cannibal might seem like a risk, but it’s actually quite the opposite - this is the kind of place you can walk into and be confident that things are going to turn out well. Just leave Sierra and her preaching PETA ways at home.

Food Rundown

Beef Tartare

Served on a crumpet (an airy form of breakfast carb, sort of like an English muffin). Topped with hollandaise sauce. Obviously this is delicious.

Chicken Matcha Mousse

This is a very tasty paté that supposedly had green tea it. We may not have been able to taste the matcha, but were very into the pickled cherry and oats that came sprinkled on top.

Roasted Cauliflower

Yes, roasted cauliflower is in every restaurant in LA. But you should probably get some nutrition in there somewhere. We swear there are vegetables under all that cheese.

Beef Bulgogi Sausage

Our favorite of the surprisingly extensive sausage selection. This one comes sliced and with green things to wrap them up in before you dunk them in fancy apple sauce.

The Cannibal Burger

In the Petit Trois style - all patty, cheese, and onions. It’s fine, but it’s no Petit Trois burger. The giant tater tots that come with it are another story. We were very tempted to save some for later, Napoleon Dynamite style.

"Lolo" Half Chicken

We’re not really sure what a lolo is, but it tastes good so we don’t care. This was one of our favorite dishes - the chicken was super crispy we couldn’t get the scallion and garlic sauce on top into our mouths fast enough.

General Tso Pig's Head

Obviously insane, but we liked it way more than we thought we would. It comes with a bunch of Chinese-style pancakes and a broccoli salad to make little pig’s head moo shu wraps. This thing is seriously rich, so if you’re going to do it, don’t order too much beforehand. Otherwise you’ll end up with a pig’s head in your fridge. We had a pig’s head in our fridge.

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