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The 101 Coffee Shop

Diner in Hollywood

Hours: THURSDAY7:00AM to 3:00AM
    Perfect for
  • Cheap Eats
  • Classic Establishment
  • Late Night Eats

101 Coffee Shop is one of those places that’s been around since the dawn of time and every time you stumble back into it, you blame yourself for not going more. Technically operating as the ground-floor diner of the Best Western on Franklin (trust us, it’s sexier than it sounds), 101 Coffee Shop has a 1960’s retro vibe going on that actually feels authentic. The food isn’t going to blow your mind, but you have six vodka sodas floating in your stomach, who needs finesse at a time like this? They serve breakfast all day, make some of the best shakes in town, and are open till 3am nightly. Done and done.

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