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We love the French.

They did, after all, give us Daft Punk, pasteurization, and mimes. Not to mention that food of theirs. We owe them a lot. Just don’t hate us if we cringe a bit every time we hear a new French restaurant is opening in Los Angeles.

Not unlike the Italian joints around town, French restaurants fall faster than anyone into the most deadly of categories: Predictability. One can fairly assume you’ll get solid food with hefty prices in a cramped space that resembles the train car your greatgrandparents hooked up in on their honeymoon. We don’t HATE that scenario, but we aren’t necessarily excited by it.

So thank God for Terrine, a gorgeous brasserie on Beverly, complete with an amazing patio and a lively atmosphere that quickly crushes all worries of eating in Grandma’s wedding chambers again. Not to say Terrine isn’t all grown-up and fancy, it very much is. Take mom and dad or a potential business partner here and you’ll be walking away feeling pretty good about your choices.

The menu is chock-full of the French classics but with a touch of California panache, everything seems new again. Rule: if you don’t order the charcuterie, you can’t actually tell your friends you’ve eaten at Terrine. It’s easily one of the best versions in town and the truffled chicken liver is particularly outrageous.

But above all else, it’s just nice to eat like an adult without having to feel too much like one. It’s fun and romantic, vibrant yet intimate. Just don’t let grandma and grandpa get too handsy.

Food Rundown


Unless you misread from up above, you should know by now this is something you don’t screw around with. Sure it’s $30, but with a rotating starting line-up of everything from truffled chicken liver to duck and pistacho terrine, YOU ORDER THIS.

City’s Best Fish and Chips

How did they know? It takes some confidence to put such a title in ink before even opening, but you heard it hear first: IT IS.


When set down on the table, it's gonna be the dish everybody’s eyes are drawn to first. With the little Italian dumplings and foam on top, it looks like an edible Tuscan countryside. It tastes like one too.

Little Gem Lettuce

Yet another beautiful dish, it’s like a Caesar salad except that you want to eat it.

Summer Squash and Goat Cheese

There’s absolutely more goat cheese than summer squash on this side dish and that's exactly how we want it.

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