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Tacos El Negro

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You can’t fake a great taco al vapor, more or less because there’s simply nothing to hide behind. This purist style from Jalisco involves beef parts cooked for hours over a steam bath until they practically jiggle, paired with corn tortillas that have been warmed to a custard-like texture. And we consider Tacos El Negro, with locations in South Gate and Bell Gardens, the LA al vapor specialist. At El Negro, nearly everyone orders tacos by the plateful and you should do the same (no joke, this place pumps out more steam than a sauna). Top them with a little onion and cilantro, some creamy thinned-out guacamole—plus a dab of their wicked habañero salsa if you’re feeling masochistic—and savor the beefy bliss.

Matt Gendal

Tacos El Negro review image

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