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Tacos Don Manolito

Mexican in Hollywood

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Hollywood has a plethora of forgettable fast-casual lunch options. Tacos Don Manolito is an exception. The sunny, order-at-the-counter taco shop on Sunset Blvd. comes via Mexico City, where it’s a popular chain. Our guts telling us it could have similar success here. Early standouts on the menu include the maja, which is a griddled cheese crust that’s been rolled with your choice of protein (get the perfectly salty ribeye) and then wrapped in a soft, transculescent flour tortilla. Then there’s the costeño-campechano, a behemoth of a taco filled with a mix of cecina, homemade chorizo, and chicharron with chopped onions and jalapenos mixed in. It’s a perfect balance between sweet, savory, and spicy, and considering that two will easily fill you up, the $4.40 price point makes for a very affordable meal.

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