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Sometimes you walk into a restaurant, eat your meal, and wake up the next morning with the conclusion that it was all amazing. Sometimes you reach that conclusion in the middle of the meal. And sometimes you realize in the very first bite that what you’re experiencing is goddamn greatness.

Sushi Park, ladies and gentlemen, is greatness.

Located on the second floor of a strip mall, on a section of the Sunset Strip not necessarily known for being great, the first thing you notice about Sushi Park is that sign out front - “No Trendy Sushi, No Salad, No Veggies, No California Roll, No Spicy Tuna Roll, No Teriyaki, No Tempura.” Got all that? Don’t worry, they reiterate it all again the second you walk in the door. This no doubt feels aggressive to some, and that’s the point. The takeaway here is Sushi Park is done with your bullsh*t. If you have a problem with that sign, it’s certainly no sweat to them. They’ll happily point you to that sceney spot down the block serving all the california rolls your comfort zone can handle. But if you’re actually interested in getting involved in a real sushi experience (and one of the top 5 meals in this city), we’d recommend sticking around.

Sushi Park review image

So what makes it all so great? Well, it’s definitely not the space itself. Despite what you might think, Sushi Park is identical to any other random sushi spot in the city - a small, white-walled room with a few tables scattered about and a black marble bar with maybe eight chairs wrapped around it. There’s a fuzzy TV playing baseball behind the bar, and that’s a nice escape to have after seeing god from a two-inch piece of Spanish mackerel. Indeed, Sushi Park has achieved greatness through every single cut of sushi it serves you.

Now for the bomb - it’s expensive. Sushi Park’s omakase runs about $200 per person, and no matter who you are, that’s tough to swallow. But when that moment arises to ball out on sushi, promise us now it’ll be at Sushi Park. With about 17 courses and over 35 different cuts of the highest quality fish out there, you simply will not find a better sushi experience in LA. What’s the phrase they always say? When you know, you know?

Yes, we definitely know.

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Sushi Park does offer some non-omakase options (at the tables only), but if you’re spending this kind of money on raw fish, why go for anything but gold? From red snapper to Chilean sea bass to jumbo clams to amberjack, the omakase experience at Sushi Park is perfect and one of the true must-have meals in Los Angeles. The quality of every cut of fish is so insanely high you will want to go back to every sushi place you’ve ever eaten at and ask for your money back. In a town that knows its sushi, Sushi Park is operating on an entirely different level.

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