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Downtown LA

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There are certain things you always look for when house hunting in Los Angeles. You need to figure out parking, how far away the nearest Trader Joe’s is, and whether or not there’s ghost energy in the bedroom. But if you aren’t checking to see what the nearby pizza options look like, you simply aren’t doing your due diligence.

When it comes to downtown, that search gets tricky. There is good pizza in this part of town, but most of it exists in fancy restaurants. Superfine is here to change that. This tiny pizza window hasn’t just given this area an excellent delivery option - it’s making the kind of pizza the rest of LA should be getting in on too.

If you work in the area or are simply looking for a slice to get you through the afternoon, you need to put this Fashion District spot immediately in your lunchtime rolodex. There’s a table and a row of stools next to the ordering window, and if those are full, you can eat your pizza in the South City Market courtyard until your boss starts passive-aggressively texting you.

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The menu is tight with only 10 different pizzas, but most are offered by-the-slice and as whole pies. There’ll definitely be an upsetting moment when you realize that you can’t order everything on the menu, but take solace in knowing that whatever you do get will be excellent. The topping combinations are different (the spicy honey and es-ca-role are both stand outs), but not so weird that they overshadow the crust, which is thin and crunchy and fresh - the kind you can eat several slices of without slipping into a prolonged nap immediately afterwards.

Now that the pizza situation is settled, go figure out that ghost energy.

Food Rundown

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Spicy Honey

If you only eat one pizza at Superfine, make it this one. The combination of the spicy salami and the buckwheat honey is perfect and balanced across every single slice. It only comes as a whole pie, but no one’s here to judge if you order it on your own.

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This is our favorite from the by-the-slice section. Topped with escarole, red onion, olives, and chilis, there’s certainly a lot going on here, but it works. It’s rich and spicy, with a little bit of bite from the olives.

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Whether you’re vegan or not, this should be the other by-the-slice option you order. It might not have any cheese on it, but the combination of tomato, garlic, capers, oregano, mint, chilies, parsley, basil, and olive oil all make up for that.

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Queen Margherita

Not just a fun name to call yourself on your birthday, this pizza definitely deserves room in your order.

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