South Central’s Super Tortas DF gives Angelenos a taste of Mexico City’s tortas that fuel its commuters day-in-day-out. The food truck’s sandwiches begin with a massive telera roll that’s large enough to rest your head on if you want to take a mid-sandwich nap. Our go-to is their famous Cubana, which should not be confused with Miami’s Cuban sandwich. This 100% Mexican creation comes loaded with a never-ending list of ingredients, including grilled ham, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, pork leg, breaded steak, stringy quesillo, and a few sliced cheeses, along with avocado, jalapeños, and tomato. The chewy bread is slathered with mayo before getting toasted on the grill and manages to hold all these layers of meat and cheese like some architectural marvel. The soft quesillo gently melts to cement everything together, but you’ll probably have a hard time biting into everything all at once. It takes some serious skill to make a loaded torta appear this good, but this place makes it look easy.

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