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Stir Market

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Stir Market

A good restaurant wears its themes like a pair of underwear, veiled by what we all know and love about dining. Rarely is there reason to throw all the dressings of fine dining out the window in service of one “big idea.” Instead, its best to discover these ideas scattered over the course of your dining experience, taking your time and hoping that you’ll get a peak by the end of the night.

And with this in mind, Stir Market hits the nail on the head. This place feels modern. It feels sleek. And yet, you’ll suddenly realize that your food is so rustic you might lose 3 oxen and die of dysentery before you ever make it to dessert.

And it’s not just the cliché rustic signposts, though they’re all here: the wooden planks for serving, the mason jars for condiments, the communal seating. It’s the food itself, feeling like the most elegant meal ever served up in the little house on the prairie. Porchetta, a half chicken, a dish that’s just some sausage, bread, and mustard on a plank: these are traditional foods, expertly prepared.

And yet you could easily eat an entire meal and completely miss the rustic nature of your meal, lost in the wonders that is the fine dining experience. From the service, which is impeccable, to the wine bar, to the artisanal grocery store occupying the other half of the building, this place is a paradise for any lover of food. Make reservations (ignore the internet and listen to THIS internet: they do allow reservations), because if this town has any sense, this will be every food-loving human's new spot in no time.

Food Rundown

Rosemary Fries

Twice fried, which gets rid of all that gross vegetable taste and seals in all that good oil taste. Add in some rosemary and you get deliciousness.

Parsnip Soup

A soup this thick and hearty should never taste light. Not because that’s a bad thing. It’s actually a great thing. It just ruins everything I know about science.


Every tasty part of the pig wrapped up like a present for your tastebuds. The crispy fried pork skin on the outside puts it over the edge, giving this an amazing crunch.

Artisan Sausage Plank

Simple and delicious. A spicy sausage, cut up and placed on a plank with some flatbread and mustard. The sausage is great. The mustard is un-freaking-believable. I was seriously tempted to pocket the mason jar of mustard after the meal, but I’m not a sh*tty person, and also I’m a total wimp.

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