Sonora Bakery definitely isn’t the biggest panadería you’ll find in LA, but it’s still stocked with every pan dulce, cake, and baked good you could ever want. Most of the space in this Belvedere Gardens shop is occupied by tall glass displays filled with rows of crescent-shaped cuernitos, sweet conchas, and freshly baked bolillo rolls for you to fill your tray (and entire car) with. But Sonora is mostly known for its custom cakes, great Argentinian empanadas, and party subs that can reach up to 10 feet in length. These gargantuan sandwiches are made with freshly baked bread and come with everything from salami, ham, and turkey to breaded veal for those who enjoy the occasional milanesa. If you’re not looking to feed a Super Bowl party or your teenage son’s chess team, sandwiches for one are also on the menu for a solid $5.99.

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The Best Panaderías And Pan Dulce Shops in LA

10 great Latin American bakeries for stocking up on pan dulce, cakes, and vegan pastries.