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Selva is an excellent, slightly upscale Colombian restaurant near the Traffic Circle that’s ideal for group meals where you want to share as many small plates as possible. We loved family-style dishes like the market fish, which varies each day but always comes seared and crispy and served with a bright spring onion and tomato sofrito. It's the appetizers and sides, however, that should be covering your whole table, including the stewed pork frijoles with fluffy white rice, a market ceviche with creamy ají amarillo, fried plantains tossed in smoked salt, and one of the crispiest pieces of pork belly we’ve tasted paired with warm chewy arepas. Selva is a good option for a drink, too—there's a long bar at the front of the restaurant serving mostly rum- and tequila-based cocktails, and at brunch, mimosas made with tropical fruit juices.

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