Savida is a little seafood spot on Montana in Santa Monica that has quite a few delicious dishes. While nearby Crudo E Nudo is more of a destination, Savida is still a great option for a fancy little lunch (or dinner) involving alarmingly fresh vegetables and tasty crudos, oysters, tostadas, and salads. The octopus tostada is your must-order—it bites back with preserved lemon and garlicky tzatziki. The shrimp salad is also nice and will give you something of a spring awakening with pops of frisee and asparagus.  And we love that they have a $9 lobster roll slider that involves lemongrass and crispy shallots. Our only qualm with Savida is that they weirdly charge a whopping $6 for a can of Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda. They do, however, serve tap water in clear glasses adorned with citrus, cucumbers, and herbs—a lavish and appreciated touch.

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