Salt Air

Perfect For: Brunch Date Night Dinner with the Parents First/Early in the Game Dates Private Dining

It’s Saturday night and you hit up Gjelina in hopes that – just this once — the wait may be less than several hours. No luck. You (begrudgingly) go to Tasting Kitchen and are faced with a slightly less offensive wait time of a couple hours. Your next move? Salt Air.

Salt Air is one of those restaurants you tell your friends “it’s fine, it’s good.” Translation: go and you’ll be satisfied. The meal may not be life changing, but it’ll be enjoyable for everyone. And don’t let the name fool you, there are plenty of options here for the non-lobster lovers in the group. The fried chicken is always a good idea no matter what time of day it is and we recommend heavy ordering on the small plates as most of the best stuff falls into that category.

While you may not leave remembering exactly what you ate (because nothing was that spectacular), but Salt Air’s vibe will have you thinking the opposite. It’s casual, breezy beach vibe is something its competitive Abbot Kinney brethren simply haven’t tapped into. Coming here for brunch on a lazy Saturday morning will leave no one in your party disappointed and that frankly goes a long way. You may even see Renée Zellweger posting up at the bar. And then fight with your friends about whether or not it’s actually Renee Zellweger because of her noticeably changed face.

It should fairly be noted that despite the fact Salt Air is on one of the most crowded food blocks in town, it’s managed to stay consistently good for some time. It’s proximity to Gjelina and The Tasting Kitchen is unfortunate but Salt Air makes it work. The space is flexible, fairly easy to get into, and a menu that’s good enough. All in all? Not a bad option for being 2nd runner up.

Food Rundown

House Salad

Basic. (Read: It’s fine…it’s good.)


These are served in a coconut curry broth and we recommend you get them.

Mushroom Toast

Not as good as Gjelina’s.

Fish Skin Chips

We know, sounds weird. But if you’re into this kind of thing, you’ll like these. If you think about what they actually are while eating, you’ll hate them.

Fried Chicken

This is solid. It’s not huge but was a nice way to break up the mussel/fish skin situation happening in our meal.

Monkey bread

Best thing on the menu. Next time we may just go for drink and a few orders of the monkey bread.

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