Rustic Canyon

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On the West Side of LA, "farm-to-table restaurants" are roughly as common as malnourished women with botox. Yes, these metrics are recorded in the local Census. And recent data indicates both have been proliferating at a consistent rate for the past decade.

But unlike these two generally homogenous populations, Rustic Canyon is different.

Most notably, there's the food. On trips to Rustic Canyon, we usually find ourselves Googling half the ingredients on the menu. By the way, Spigarello? It's a type of broccoli, and not an STD. Now you know. And when the food isn't full of unfamiliar words, it's full of unfamiliar combinations. Ever had crab, peaches, and white yams together? You'll eat things like that at Rustic Canyon- whatever's freshest at the farmer's market, whipped up together in a pretty genius way. We’ve heard the food described as "unique" and "adventurous," which, sure. What you need to know is that it's also all delicious.

What else do you need to know? Plan to go with a crew that's down to share, because you'll want to try a bunch of things. The menu changes regularly based on what's fresh, so you'll likely want to try new things on each visit.

Admittedly, with dim lighting, an aggressively wooded interior, and not exactly cheap prices, Rustic Canyon does look like every other upscale "farmhouse" restaurant around, but again, it's different. The food is different, and so is the vibe - decidedly unpretentious and laid back.

Now go and order that Spigarello. You won't need a penicillin shot afterwards.

Food Rundown

Warm Focaccia with Burrata

We're always happy to eat hot bread with soft cheese. Rustic adds shaved vegetables mixed in for an update to the classic.

Dungeness Crab & White Yam Mojo

Anything with “mojo” in its name is worth a shot. The white yam and dungeness crab are the perfect marriage, and they’re really pretty.

Clam Pozole Verde

We were told that this item has been on the menu the longest because of its popularity. We now understand why. A green bowl of clams, hominy, poblano, scallion, radish, and tortilla.

Malfatti Alla Piccata

While moderately hard to pronounce, it’s very easy to eat. These are perfect little pillows of pasta stuffed with ricotta.

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