Roots Indian Bistro

The stretch of Melrose between Fairfax and La Brea can be chaotic. Traffic is often at a standstill, lines snake out of sneaker stores and dispensaries, and the amount of people careening around on electric scooters seems to double by the month. And in the thick of it all, there’s a new Indian spot that is calm and smells sensational. Once inside Roots, you’ll find bright tapestries, both upright table and cushion-on-the-floor seating, and thoughtful, delicious Indian food. The menu is full of dishes like clovey lamb vindaloo, perfectly-marinated chicken tandoori, and butter chicken that more than lives up to its name. Everything can be ordered a la carte, but if you’re with someone else, go for a combo package. Ranging from $50-60, each one comes with three different entree dishes, plus samosas, raita, rice, naan (upgrade to onion if you like good things), and your choice of dessert. It’ll eliminate all arguing about what dishes to get and also confirm what we have already decided - that this is the best Indian restaurant to open in the Melrose/Weho area in years.