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Roma Specialty Pizza

Pizza in Culver City

    Perfect for
  • Lunch
  • Serious Take-Out Operation

The one thing to know about Brazilian pizza is that it’s always thin-crust and always eaten with a fork and knife. No one will police you if you use your hands, but when at Roma Specialty Pizza, do as the regulars do. Located in a Culver City strip mall amongst some other Brazilian shops, here you can find thin-crust Brazilian pizzas topped with things like Portuguese calabresa sausage, shredded dried beef, hearts of palm, and creamy catupiry cheese to name just a few. Where things get really interesting is Roma’s ‘rodizio’-style menu, which is Brazilian Portuguese for all-you-can-eat pizza. You can mix and match slices from different pies, but my favorite is the classic Portuguesa pizza that comes with diced ham, green peas, black olives, and sliced hard-boiled egg. I also recommend the shop’s best-seller: catupiry chicken. It’s topped with tender shredded chicken mixed with creamy catupiry cheese that creates a mousse-like consistency. The decadent mixture is then generously spread on fresh pizza dough and baked until golden brown on top.

Roma Specialty Pizza review image