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Jakob Layman


Jakob Layman

Without acronyms, how would our lazy typing fingers get anything done? Family group texts would be harder if we didn’t have the all-purpose LOL at our disposal for Dad’s awkward jokes. And whoever came up with GOAT deserves a Pulitzer. Nobody at PYT, the vegetable-heavy restaurant in DTLA’s Historic Core, will tell you what those three letters stand for. So just like when you were trying to figure out what GOAT stood for, you’ll try Googling and guessing (Pass Your Time? Potatoes Yams Turnips? Given how much they play the song, it’s probably Pretty Young Thing). Which might distract you from the more important point here - that PYT is a great neighborhood restaurant in an area that has basically none of them.

Some backstory: until a little while ago, PYT’s space was also Ledlow, but they’ve recently taken over the whole place. Now, at PYT, with its tiled floors, big bar, and bunch of little tables all pretty close together, there’s a definite bistro feel going on. But don’t go expecting a plate of steak-frites or a hamburger - you’re here for a whole lot of vegetables.

Jakob Layman

You are 100% guaranteed to get your daily recommended servings in one meal here. Even with just a cocktail, you’ll be on your way - alcohol combined with carrots and kombucha is surely good for you. The food menu is pretty long and changes daily depending on what’s in season, but there are never more than two non-vegetarian dishes (generally a meat and a fish). Otherwise, there are a bunch of salads (obviously), but also plates with unusual vegetable combinations (sunchoke and green beans), cheesy bread things, and a couple of pastas that sound weird but taste great. If you do feel the need to get some protein, the giant boneless pork rib is a pretty great way to do it. Overall, PYT’s menu is a really interesting mix of stuff that you won’t see elsewhere around town.

PYT is an anytime spot, the kind that downtown is really lacking. Come on your own for a salad and vegetable cocktail at the bar, or come with a crowd, share everything on the menu, and brainstorm on that acronym. Maybe this is a good opportunity to explain GOAT to Dad.

Food Rundown

Potato Chapati Bread

All meals should begin with bread. Especially when it’s as good as this Indian-inspired one that comes with things like coconut butter and heirloom bean hummus.

Jakob Layman
Purple Broccoli

One of the better salads we’ve had recently. Garlicky, crispy pieces of broccoli, big chunks of citrus, and some kind of magic celery vinaigrette. It’s somehow sweet, sour, and savory all at the same time.

Jakob Layman
Sunchoke and Green Beans

But really, what is a sunchoke? Looks like ginger, tastes sort of like an artichoke, somehow involves the sun? These are roasted and soft and served with green beans, a spicy pesto, and lots of soft goat cheese. This is not the last time you will see lots of cheese.

Roasted Japanese Sweet Potato

Order this if you are a sweet potato person, and you are also a fruit-next-to-not-fruit person. If not, skip.

Jakob Layman
Salt-Baked Turnip

Probably the signature dish at PYT. It takes twenty minutes, and when it comes out, your waiter will crack the salt crust it was baked in and serve you a soft and perfectly-cooked turnip. It’s...turnip-y? And also only on the menu when turnips are in season, which is a pretty ballsy move for a signature dish.

Jakob Layman
Ricotta Cavatelli

Pasta that has yogurt, nori, pecorino, mushroom dashi, and sesame might not be the first thing that you decide to order. But make sure this gets onto your table - it’s the best thing you’ll eat at PYT.

Jakob Layman
Green Piri-Piri Rice

This is a bowl of spicy rice with an over-easy egg over the top. It’s fine.

Thin-Crust Cheese Bread

We told you there’d be a lot of cheese. This is a fancy white pizza, but it’s kind of boring.

Jakob Layman
Boneless Pork Rib

This is enormous. If you’re planning on adding some protein to your meal, scale back elsewhere on your order. Having said that, this is a well-cooked piece of meat with a nice spicy rub, roasted potatoes, and a mound of greens on the side.

Roasted Peanut Pudding

If you see this on the menu and can resist ordering it (even after that giant pork rib), you’re an impressive display of willpower. Salty, nutty pudding layered with whipped cream and with a chocolate and hazelnut topping. Screw your willpower - you need this.

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