Sandwiched between two pawn shops on Van Nuys Blvd, Puro Sabor is a brightly colored restaurant that serves delicious Peruvian food, like their savory lomo saltado that ranks pretty high up on our list of best ways to enjoy meat and potatoes - preferably at the same time. This chifa dish is a rib-eye steak stir fry with big chunks of beef, tomatoes, grilled onions, french fries, and a large sprinkling of green onions on top. Big splashes of soy sauce and vinegar tenderize the beef strips, releasing their natural drippings to create a light sauce that coats the fries. In other words, this meat and starch masterpiece is addictively salty and nearly impossible to stop eating once you start. If you want something sweet to balance out all the savory, try some sticky picarones - crispy fried donuts made from pumpkin and sweet potato. They get drenched (and we mean drenched) in a runny homemade syrup, which somehow makes them both decadent and deceivingly light at the same time.

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