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This is Roy Choi’s world and we’re all just living in it. Sorry Chef Ludo, but in the last five years there hasn’t been a chef (or anyone) who’s left a bigger mark on our city’s culinary scene more than Mr. Choi. We’d argue there’s evidence he might even be a deity. For one, he invented The Kogi Beef Truck. The mere mention of those four words together are enough to make most people in this city stop dead in their tracks and scream, “F*CK, WHERE?”. Secondly, there’s Loco’l: Choi’s national concept intent on bringing healthy, affordable and locally-sourced food options into the most impoverished neighborhoods of America. BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY?

And then we have POT, Choi’s coming-home-opus of sorts, in the middle of one of Los Angeles’s hottest neighborhoods: Koreatown. It’s honestly uncomfortable how much cooler POT is than us. And you. Located on the bottom floor of The Line Hotel (whose own refurbishment Choi had a major hand in as well), POT knows exactly how hip it is and you’re not even mad about it because all they want is for you to join the party too.

Some people could argue this isn’t authentic Korean BBQ and maybe they’re right. But if you came to a Roy Choi restaurant expecting something that's been done before, you should’ve just stayed home and finished your 2 Broke Girls marathon. The food at POT is bold, and certainly not for the faint of heart. With a revamped menu, including a brand new raw bar and one of the best new pork chop dishes in the city, POT is better than its ever been.

You’re gonna order too much food for your table and you’re gonna be perfectly OK with that. After all, it’s just one big party anyways. And when Roy Choi is playing host, it's wise to never say no.

Food Rundown

Old School

The signature pot filled with marinated ribeye, bulgogi, noodles and Kimchi. It’s one gigantic steaming pot of culinary holiness.

Poke Me

A certifiable must-order. Yellow fin tuna served on a bed of edamame, sea beans, maui onions, smoked sesame, and shoyu vinaigrette. Prepare to eat more than one.

Hickory Smoked Pork Chop

The runaway star of POT’s newly revamped menu, this is drop your fork and think about what you’re eating good. It possesses an almost Polynesian twist to it, which you can’t help but figure is a direct inspiration from another great Choi outpost, A-Frame.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Chef Choi could put a gym sneaker in fried rice and we’d still eat it. Insider tip: It no longer is printed on the menu but they will certainly still make it for you. Take them up on the offer.

Baby Seafood Plateau

Along with the new menu came a brand new raw bar and the seafood plateau is your best means to experience it all. The small size has enough oysters, shrimp, stone crab, hamachi and uni for a table of 3-4 to be completely satisfied as an appetizer.

Vegetable Pancake

The potato pancake bit the dust in the menu changeover, but don’t be too sad. This is the far better version of the two. Packed with cabbage, scallions, zucchini and the all-important jalapeño, this pancake hits on so many more levels than the potato version ever did.

Braised Beef Short Rib Ssam

Another fantastic new dish, this operates almost as a build-your-own Korean taco station. Don’t come looking for tortillas of course. The meat here is served with a big basket of bay leaves, crispy rice, and kimchi and its uniquely wonderful. Have at it!

Beep Beep

Uni is not for everyone, but when it’s good, it’s otherworldly. And POT’s uni dynamite rice is a sleeper celebrity on a menu with very few duds.

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