Paloma is a somewhat French, somewhat Italian restaurant with a culturally confused Tulum-esque decor. Whatever the theme, the food at this Venice restaurant isn't good enough to warrant the prices. Dining here feels like being fed by someone who got inspired after watching an episode of Rachel Ray and planned out a three-course meal of dishes sourced from The artichoke salad with "avocado dressing" is artichokes tossed in bland guacamole, the seabass filet comes in tomato sauce that still tastes like the tin can, and the overcooked fusilli pasta can't be salvaged by tuna belly and olives in its pomodoro sauce. The most exciting cocktail on the menu is a lychee martini. So what are you paying for at Paloma? A beautiful outdoor patio decked out with wicker lamps, romantic lighting, and dangling bougainvilleas that, if you look close enough, are fake.

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