Even in broad daylight, Oy Bar is so dark you need to pause to let your eyes adjust as you step inside. This Studio City bar might be new, but the dimly-lit, slightly dingy atmosphere it exudes is exactly what we want in a Valley dive. Formally called The Bar At Oyster House (hence the new name), this neighborhood drinking hole is now run by the Jeff’s Table crew with a menu full of bar bites worth braving the 101 at rush hour to eat. The “Jeff’s Special” quesadilla is a pastrami-filled, jalapeño-crusted masterpiece and the Oy Burger is the best new burger we’ve eaten this year. Topped with gooey Toma cheese, hoisin ketchup, lettuce, onion, cucumber, dijon, and a heap of cilantro, it's savory, tangy, and aggressively fragrant. This is the kind of place to come after a rough day of work when you need a stiff drink and to be left alone—if that’s what you prefer.

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