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Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart

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The hand-rolled and heavily-stuffed quesadillas at Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart are a major upgrade from our usual two-ingredient late-night snack. The cart’s owner, Alejandra, has been operating her Echo Park stand for 16 years, and you’ll still find her rolling out long, oval-shaped blue tortillas on her hot griddle every Monday, Friday, and Saturday afternoon. The whole process is muscle memory for her as she stretches out fresh masa and mentally jots down your order simultaneously. Besides the essential Oaxacan quesillo, additional fillings include chicharron stew with onions and salsa roja, huitlacoche cooked with garlic and citrusy epazote leaf, or leafy squash blossoms that really complement the oozing cheese, to name just a few options.

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Chicharron & Squash Blossom Quesadilla

Not only are the blue corn tortillas freshly made to order and deliciously chewy, but they're filled with plenty of shredded Oaxacan cheese and spicy chicharron prensado that’s brimming with rendered fat. The wilted squash blossoms bring texture to the soft pork rinds and a floral, mildly sweetness that can’t really be replicated.

Huitlacoche Quesadilla

This earthy and smoky fungus is both soft and chewy after being cooked with plenty of sweet onion, garlic, and grassy epazote. The fresh herbs create a lemony situation in this mushroom mix that gets beautifully folded into handfuls of melted cheese. Don’t forget the cart’s salsas for some extra heat either.

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