The shave ice at Nakas isn’t very traditional - Lava Ice, as it’s called, is a frosty, innovative treat that combines blended ice cream with scoops of shave ice. There are two bases to choose from - strawberry or pina colada - but if you’re looking to fill that summer vacation-shaped hole in your heart, get the Island Escape. Sweet and creamy pina colada ice cream is poured over a bed of slightly-tart pineapple shave ice, and while it may not be the tropical getaway you deserve, it’s as close as you’re going to get from the front seat of your car. Which counts for something, right?

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5 Spots For Hawaiian Shave Ice In LA guide image
5 Spots For Hawaiian Shave Ice In LA

Summer looks a little different this year (read: it sucks). Cool off with a real-deal shave ice at one of these five spots.

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