Munchies Vegan Diner

Even though Skyler Tanksley co-owns both Naughty Vegan Panda and Munchies Diner, the only thing the two restaurants have in common is plant-based food. Munchies Diner is located in Santa Ana and was named after stoner food which, for him, looks like a fusion of American and Mexican cuisines. At Munchies, the menu consists of food Tanksley grew up eating with his friends, but with a twist, including dishes like the VcGriddle, chicken and waffles, Big Munch burgers, supreme nacho towers, specialty milkshakes, and VcFlurrys. A round of applause for the clever play on words. I’ve been spoiled with some of the best breakfast burritos in California and will still always opt for Sky’s giant breakfast burrito here, which is loaded with bacon, chorizo, scrambled eggs, hashbrown, cheese, salsa verde and is available all day every day.

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