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Once a month on Saturday, Psychic Wines in Silver Lake hosts Moyosubi, an omusubi pop-up that donates 20% of its profits to Soul Fire Farm. If you’re lucky enough to place an order via DM before founder/omusubi maker Maya Kambe is sold out, go for one of everything available. What you’ll get is a cluster of color-coded, saran-wrapped omusubi, plus enough nori sheets to go around. While the beef sukiyaki, salmon, and mushroom options are ideal snacks that could double as decor (if only they weren’t perishable), the tamari-cured egg yolk rice ball is what we covet. When you bite into this one in particular, it’s hard not to have a corny eureka moment. The yolk glows eternally golden, and the gooey, salty tang is nothing short of a miracle. You can keep up with Moyosubi on Instagram to preorder the next monthly drop.

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