This Korean fried chicken stand at 6th and Catalina St. makes some of the tastiest chicken sandwiches in town. Their spice levels start off with the crispy original at zero before progressively getting more intense. Their medium is a casual “slap in the face,” the extra hot is apparently a “punch in the face,” and their Michin Spicy is, well, “spicy AF.” But aside from their chicken’s blazing heat, Michindak prepares their tenders in true Korean fashion with a thin crackly skin that generously absorbs any sauce you slather on top. This food stand also has my favorite brioche buns in LA that glisten under the sun as you get lost in the trance of city traffic and mind-altering spice. The McDak Combo 1 is my go-to and includes some spicy steak cut fries and a hot chicken sandwich with creamy coleslaw, large pickle slices, and their spicy mayo-based sauce for additional heat and mild sweetness.